Hearts Broken

We’ve been clinging to all phrases of hope.  We’ve been  begging to see our girls on the field again.  We all saw so many good things in our short time this season, and we could not wait to see more.  We didn’t get to see enough and will be left wondering what we could have done this year.

I speak for many when I say we are just stunned,   We have all cried more than we care to admit and are just simply devastated.  Had we known that our last time on the field would be versus Elign in our second district game of 2020, we would have hugged everyone a little bit tighter that night.

Being separated from my softball family and stripped of the ability to love this game has been one of the most difficult tests I’ve ever taken.  To my senior:  I’m sorry for being a jerk when I cleaned out your bat bag 65,000 times… I would give anything to find 4 half empty gatorade bottles , 3 sort of empty water bottles, exploded sunscreen and melted eyeblack in my cleaning adventures these days.  I miss the sound of warm ups, and the pop of a ball in the glove.  I miss road games and listening to the game on replay the way home via Mixlr.  I miss hearing the dugout – we’ve always had the tightest dugout… hands down.  I even miss the softball dirt I can never get out of my car,  I just miss it.  Most of all, I miss these girls.

Dear Seniors:  Sydney, Avery, Kristen and Lena:

YOU ARE ROCK STARS.  You deserved more… so much more than you got.  I watched all of you work for many years.  You are leaders. You are strong women and I thank you for the privilege to watch each of you over these last four years and thank you for your hard work and dedication GHS Softball.  You are all great human beings, and we love you.