Midlothian Tournament

February 20th – 22nd at Midlothian High School

923 S 9th St, Midlothian, TX  76065

100 Walter Stephenson

Th - Mid

Fri - Mid

Sat - Mid

This is a 150 mile trip, so I located the hotels I could find nearby should anyone making the trip need lodging.  Hope to see you there!


Games are currently on schedule and considered “Plan A”.   Potential Game change times for GHS are:

Plan B game times assuming 1 hour delay:

Thursday 1st game 4:45 pm and 2nd game 8:15 pm

Plan C game times assuming  1.5 hour delay

Thursday 1st game 5:15 pm and 2nd game 8:45 pm

Plan D will reduce to 5 games played with us playing only one game at 5:30 pm.

Based on which of the above occur, we will update for Friday game times as well.